QR Code generation using Google Chart API

These days QR Code has become more and more popular as it capture all the information using a Smart Phone. QR codes can be used in Google’s Android operating system and iOS devices (iPhone/iPod/iPad), as well as by using 3rd party barcode scanners.

So here I am going to tell how to build QR Code generator using Google Chart API.

First of all you need to create two file
index.php: in the file you create a form where you collects the input from the user like size, encoding, content and correction. And make the action of the this form to generate.php.

generate.php: in this file collect the input data from the above form and process it with Google Chart API and create the dynamic QR Code.

File index.php

In the above file collects the data from the user and sends that data to generate.php and create the QR Code using Google Chart API in the iFrame.

File generate.php

In the above file (generate.php) collects the data from the form using REQUEST method and append the data into the Google Chart API URL and generate the QR Code image.

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