How to move a WordPress Multisite from local to Web Server

How to move a WordPress Multisite from local to Web Server.

Recently I am working on WordPress Mu (multi site). I install wordpress set up on my local server (xampp) and enables the multi site option from wp-config file by adding the following code.

After that we need to move the developed MU site on the web server. To move MU site from local to web server we need to follow some steps.

1- First of all upload the site zip file on the server and the extract all the files the server.
2- Export the database sql from local nad then upload it on the server.
3- Edit your wp-config file, change the database connection credentials i.e. database username, password and its name. And change the MU options. Replace your domain name.

After the above steps you need to make some changes in the database of the site.

1- In ‘wp_options’ updated the ‘siteurl’ and ‘home’ fields with your domain name
2- In ‘wp_blogs’ all of the paths were updated with your domain name (only the ones that had the localhost in them to begin with)
3- In ‘wp_site’ changed the domain and path to reflect.
4- In ‘wp_sitemeta’ updated the ‘siteurl’.
5- Update all the sub site options table. (e.g. wp_1_options, wp_2_options, wp_3_options etc.)

Make sure all of the content points to your domain name not your localserver path. To ensure about this exceute the bewlow queries

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